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Al Jassim history

Founded by Sheikh Khalid Bin Jassim Al Thani, the company was established in 1993 with its headquarters set up in the State of Qatar.

Al Jassim Group is a diversified business group with its interest ranging through Real Estate, Quality Service Restaurants (QSR), Boutique Café and Fast Moving Consumers Goods (FMCG) with focus, commitment and anticipation of market trends driven together to obtain state-of-the-art projects that add value to all stakeholders in Qatari market.

The company’s Real Estate portfolio includes management and development of a large and aggressive self-owned and leased property portfolio, whereas QSR represents big names such as Burger King, Applebee’s, Café Vergnano, Quiznos Sub, Dhukkan Falafel; while the FMCG represents Surgiva Mineral water, Harrison Sauce Products, Quely and lot more.

Al Jassim Group’s success is built on people from more than 800 strong multicultural work force, representing more than 15 nationalities, who are led by a dynamic management team. The Group possesses an in-depth knowledge of the region, its culture and business environment while having an extensive experience in dealing with leading international brands and thus having the ability to join hands with them at their home country with a sense of the market.

Latest News

Caff’e Vergnano Qatar celebrate EID Al Fitr by opening the newest branch in Medina Centrale, The Pearl Jul-27, 2015

Burger King Qatar celebrate EID ul Fitr by opening the newest branch in Medina Centrale, The Pearl. Jul-27, 2015


we focus on

  • Al Jassim Food Concpets W.L.L – Alternative Dining Experience L.L.C, originated in the United Arab Emirates in 2009 and has a vision to be a market leader in the Restaurant Services and Operations through plans of major expansion. Offering alternative concepts to customers, creating innovative and exciting new segments in dining, entering into Regional and Global Joint Ventures, and finally franchising these concepts are some of the systems which will ensure Company’s growth. It will go through great lengths to make sure that each concept will make you feel comfortable and special by offering certain uniqueness in each brand that has never been experienced before. This company manages the franchise of Dukkan Falafel in Qatar. DF (Dukkan Falafel) started its operation in Qatar in the...


    Quick Service Restaurants

  • Premier Food Service W.L.L – Miami entrepreneurs, James McLamore and David Edgerton, founded Burger King Corporation in 1954. Five years later, they were ready to expand their five Florida Burger Kings into a nationwide chain. By the time they sold their company to Pillsbury in 1967, Burger King had become the third largest fast-food chain in the country and was on its way to earn the second place. The story of Burger King’s growth is the story of how franchising and advertising developed the fast-food industry. McLamore and Edgerton began in 1954 with a simple concept- attract the burgeoning numbers of postwar baby boom families with reasonably-priced, broiled burgers served quickly. Burger King operates over more than 12,150 restaurants across the United States and in 76 countries...


    Quick Service Restaurants

  • AL Jassim Real Estate and Asset Management – Our Group is a diversified estate firm engaged primarily in the real estate development management, property and asset management of commercial, retail, hospitality, multi- and single-family residential real estate properties located in Doha. Al Jassim group is responsible for the origination, conception, development, procurement and construction of mega projects and the leasing and operation of these projects after completion. Al-Jassim group develops and operates an extensive multimillion dollar portfolio of individual corporate real estate and investment assets across the MENA region. Our principal executive offices are located in Al-Jassim commercial tower in C-ring road. Al Jassim group was formed to hold, operate and develop fully integrated...


    Real Estate and Asset Management

  • Mezen Trading W.L.L a Division of Al Jassim Group, is a trusted name in the Industry and is the sole representative of some of the most prominent Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Some of the Items. Quely S.A. Date Delight Alphagreen Surgiva Mineral Water Sweet Street Desserts Inc USA Mr.Chick Caffe Vergnano 1882 Felicetti Pasta


    Fast-moving consumer goods

  • Food Vest Company W.L.L – Applebees With more than 2000+ restaurants operating system wide in 49 States, 15 international Countries and one in U.S Territory, Apple Bees started operations in Qatar in 2002, and today Food Vest (FV) under their exclusive Franchise agreement with Apple Bees International own and operate 7 Outlets .We take pride in having a friendly, welcoming, neighborhood environment for both our staff and guests that makes everyone enjoy their experience in largest casual dining chain of the world. Built on people, value, fun, world class service and strong locations, Applebee’s Qatar, as market leader, has ever since has been leading the way with awards-winning performances.


    Casual Dining Restaurants

  • Mezen International W.L.L – Caffe Vergnano an ancient piedmont coffee-maker, has been led by the Vergnano family for four generations, looking towards the future, focusing on creativity, innovation, and quality. A company with a long, prestigious history, Caffe Vergnano was founded in 1882. It started as a small apothecary in Chieri, a small town at the foot of the Turin Hills, a business set up by the current owners’ grandfather of the company: Domenico Vergnano. The company is looking towards the future with serenity, standing strong on its 13,500 square meter factory and 18 automated production lines. It ranks Italy’s sixth company in retail market, with an Italian presence in 19 regions with over 4,500 Horace clients, and more than 70 Coffee Shops 1882 in 19 Countries throughout...


    Boutique Café

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